Latin America Bike Sharing Systems Platform

driving knowledge to action


Our mission

The Latin America Bike Sharing Systems Platform was created in 2018, firstly incubated by Transporte Ativo and financed by Itaú. As from its beginning, its purpose is to generate open knowledge about the BSSs, hoping that the understanding of this content leads to the development of new and successful bike sharing systems.

We strongly believe that researches are extremely important to contribute achieving sustainable cities and communities.


LatinoSBP is focused on sharing and spreading knowledge of the Latin America bike sharing systems, which are offering accessible means of transportation, promoting physical activity and well-being, reducing carbon emissions and stimulating development. Thus, we advocate for a responsible and better governmental behavior and transparency in Latin America.


our vision

Collecting bike sharing systems data and monitoring them leads us to understand and to recognize its unique elements and its possible successes and challenges. LatinoSBP aims to disseminate knowledge in order to stimulate new ideas and new developments. 

We look forward to become a knowledge and data HUB of the Latin American Bike Sharing Systems until 2030.


Our Challenges

driving knowledge into action


Connect with the Team

Gabriela Binatti

Executive director

& Institutional Relations

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Juliana DeCastro

Institutional Development Coordinator

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Ycaro Batalha

Studies Coordinator

& Researches

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